During the operation, the hallux valgus foot

A common disease known as Valgus deformation under several other names. About Doctors and hallux valgus hallux valgus flat foot. Type is not only related to people: "bone" halus valgus or.

valgus deformity treatment process

Pathology are easy to identify. The interior of the foot with visible thickening in the form of Egypt. This from time to time painfully and slowly grows in size. At the same time deflect begins in the big toe towards the second toe, in advanced cases Crysis-cross him. Together with aesthetic defects, a serious problem: the inability to use, shoes, or even a day. The following stages of the development of the disease into arthritis and the weird vesicle inflammation, inadequacy, self-motion.

Most common first finger deformed women who prefer to wear high heel shoes (above 4 cm). In addition, this occupational disease ballerinas. Don't overload yourself immediately after you know about from time to time, it's hard for me to correct the situation.

Surgical treatment methods

In general, all the removal process halus valgus is divided into minimally invasive and open. Minimally invasive with small incisions on the skin held. In most cases, stitch even need it. Recovery is quick and easy.

Open between the operational processes in the three categories:

Manipulation and are decorated with soft fabrics.

Example — operation in Mak-Point. Nov Dissect and bond foot. DICE is not affected. Small results effective intervention, in that case can be made for contraindications, side Nov-joint system.


Performed artificial fracture metatarsal bone. The doctor is broken. Therefore, the corrected foot position


The process that is used by advanced stage hallux valgus, physiologic back when necessary to form a joint.

The doctor all methods available to him to intervene with what he chooses to solves problems that a specific patient.

Surgery requires a preparation. Some analysis to get the results you need. These include clinical and biochemical blood and urine tests, blood count, coagulogram distributed, tests of infection, through the blood. Determination of electrocardiography to spend on the X-ray foot (not necessarily two accesses).

If the removal process halus valgus contraindications have been identified, the method of acceptance, anesthesia. Often enough, a local drug.

valgus deformation treatment, indications for operation

Distal osteotomy

The most common surgical method, the distal osteotomy in hallux valgus correction. Surgery stages:

  1. The first stage

    Bacteria nitrogen or "bone". Non licet cases, this phase is perhaps one. Even without the apostrophe deleted itself with a small incision the skin and endoscopic exostosis (bone) and inflamed joints of the handbags.

  2. In the second stage.

    Remote osteotomy. Broken first metatarsal bone with the artificial leveling of the position. Titanium screws place the broken yarns. After they cleaned it, a month later, the bone is that it will deliver the results completely.

  3. In the third stage.

    Steering Nov, derivation of thumb is responsible.

  4. Fourth, is the last phase.

    Nickname physiologic position of the thumb.

Halus valgus surgical treatment: indications

Thumb conservative methods to correct the situation, maybe childhood, when bone from the skeleton arises. In all other cases it will help, just that it's a process. Key indicators include the following:

  • walking an unbearable discomfort because of pain;
  • tens of joint degrees deviation;
  • wear shoes bulging bone the opportunity to remove significantly;
  • the position of the foot in breach of the obstacle movement;
  • edema thumb;
  • halus valgus and other complications inflammatory symptoms.

Indications doctor identifies an individual basis for each patient. Surgical methods are usually applied when conservative (traditional methods, without surgery) not to be effective.

Contraindications surgery treatment

Surgery is very effective. Unfortunately, it is not able to perform the time there are a number of contraindications:

  • atherosclerosis and other peripheral vascular disease severe corruption;
  • diabetic foot (decompensated diabetes mellitus);
  • blood disorders clotting disorder;
  • disorders, place any foot nerves and blood flow;
  • purulent infection.

Halus valgus of the myths about the uninstall process

Among the people, there are many myths related to surgical to get rid of "bone". Some of resolve.

A process can't do that if you have arthritis, and osteoarthritis. In fact, this disease relative contraindications are considered. Operation is possible, with great attention to treatment only a doctor.

Unnecessary surgery: bone still will increase soon. The possibility of a qualitative and intervention has been the re-development of hallux valgus tends to zero. Relapses occur, but it's extremely rare.

Sit and you cast it without moving for a long time wear. Modern technology is independent of the transaction has already opportunity a few hours after the procedure. Custom designs are kept together with the bone, so don't cast imperative.

Possible complications

halus valgus surgery treatment is the safest method. There are complications, is extremely rare. Unwanted effects there are between:

  • numb fingers caused by damage to nerve fibers;
  • hypersensitivity reactions (allergic);
  • infringement volume movements of the thumb;
  • join infection;
  • deep vein thrombosis;
  • meltdown metatarsal head bone.
valgus deformation treatment, recovery operation

Recover after such surgery

Halus valgus of the recovery period after the uninstall process is extremely important. That is 4-6 months. For detailed instructions, how to behave, recovery time, the doctor gives you.

There are common that you need to know about rehabilitation in all patients.

The first and second day. Bed rest. You could move, but not better in the active chart. It is recommended to keep a high position on foot and from time to time, if no pain, move your fingers.

On the third day. Can start and move slowly. It is important that you get the appropriate shoes and orthotics, a special after surgery, lifting with the load foot operated pieces. Shoes Baruk used most of the time (a French surgeon, an invention), the front portion of the foot exonerados walking. First time to get used to it, crutches or cane as an additional support to provide for themselves. Then three to five days, they already, you will not need.

10-14 days. For a while the doctor control. In this case, it's a serious operation, a sick all the time to spend in the clinic. Recommended therapeutic exercise and physical therapy sessions. On their long legs is an unwanted situation.

Then 1-1,5 months no longer a need to orthez, however, the shoe, the better orthopedic insoles suitable for use after the operation.

Then 2 months may be busy, exercise bike, and swimming pool.

Foot and ankle swelling may continue for three months. Then I recommend to implement a cool compress, wear compression socks.

Motion orthotics maybe 4-6 months, without a bed, a resume, heels worn while playing sports. Restoration and rehabilitation requires making a choice in favor of a rapid quality suitable for a wide shoe. Note It's not a bad situation to create the conditions for their feet, again and again.