Halus valgus during surgical interventions

valgus deformation

Valgus deformation of foot (Halus valgus) – the pathological disposition of the first joint conversion. The thumb to the other fingers follow the development of the disease deformed foot. In the early stages of treatment widely practiced in any Orthopedic Devices. In these cases, conservative surgical intervention for shown when a medicine is powerless. Halus valgus operation fixes serious foot deformities. A type-depends on the severity of surgical pathology, and the presence of comorbid disease.

The causes of the disease

Halus valgus foot affecting the appearance and uncomfortable during the walk. In addition, illness has the ability to disrupt the circulation of blood, to provoke the uncanny vesicle inflammation and arthritis. View Halus valgus may cause:

  • Endocrine system disorders;
  • Weakened ligaments;
  • Flaccid length and the foot of the cross the vault;
  • Age, lesion tissue and bone;
  • Genetic location.

A lot of evidence in medical practice the most common form in women have been reduced to the preferred halus valgus shoe high heels. Often the stop has dimensions woman, some professions, for example, ballerinas. Observed and "nepotism" Halus valgus – often mom and grandma very sick, suffering from a similar deformation. Men bond more flexible and more powerful, so Halus valgus diagnosis mostly after injury.

Hallux valgus symptoms


Early Halus valgus inherent stiffness and discomfort while walking. Progress hallux valgus usually the odd parity vesicle inflammation of mucosal inflammation in the common area of the bag, aggravates the course of the disease. The same visible joint pain, walking and sometimes at night. They have different symptoms – but the concrete until it is unbearable, cutter or long, it's a pain.

Loses Stop the depreciation function. The changes that has the ability to cause more disease, intervertebral disc and manifestation provoke degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis. At this stage Halus valgus pain whining character appears, and in the spine. Without being move, feel sick, flowing to the legs and the severity of the motor load and then – pain.

At the same time, the joints swell up. Rising, he corrects synovial folds. As a result, the cartilage thins, the bones are challenging each other. Wear of the articulating surfaces, which causes to be displayed the formation of osteophytes – bone tissue pathological growths.

The development of the disease

Halus valgus disease diagnosis often many gradual development, at an early stage, when using more traditional set and special devices used in the treatment of pathological disorders. A small seal at the base of the thumb think of it often and try to get rid of foot corn, the usual methods. But in time, "corn", gradually hardens and grows, causing pain move.

Joint inflammation which bone tissue is exposed to overload. Of thumb when the shift angle is approximately 30°, deformed, all on foot. Halus valgus orthopedic divide along three stages:

  • I finger the outer edge of the slipping angle at least 25°, in right metatarsal bone angle less than 12°;
  • II – the outer edge of the finger slipping angle is 25°, the metatarsal bone inward – open at least 18°;
  • III – the outer edge of the finger slipping angle 35°, metatarsal bone, right angle more than 18°.

Important! Churn foot structure – the basic factor the method for determining Halus valgus surgical treatment.

Indications for surgery

Basic indications, Halus valgus surgical treatment – pain syndromes, inflammation and the appearance of a bone lesion. Hallux valgus can be treated with conventional methods, the formation of a complete skeleton – not only children and young people. An adult patient is, therefore, only during illness slow: stop the pain, stimulate the development of foot complications and the specific sections of the load can resume.

ways of treatment

Halus valgus surgical treatment to solve a problem. Halus valgus operation plan developed under the foot, a specific patient – the nature of disease, accompanied with various symptoms and complications.

Any surgical interventions

The choice of a method for making a surgical intervention that affect weather, disease and the degree of adverse changes to the fabrics, for the existence of a serious contraindication. Halus valgus during surgical interventions, there are more than three hundred kinds. All are divided into two main groups:

  • That affects the soft tissue;
  • Applied to bone;
  • Combining manipulation, soft tissue, and bone.

The process previously excised head joint in hallux valgus. Had such a traumatic effect, then the function disorders, foot. Minus traumatica now prefer to make orthopedic operations.

Nice technique

In the first stages of pathological processes demonstrated in minimally invasive surgery. They speculation, manipulation, soft tissue and tendon that affects a little bit. Forgiving techniques objective – recreation and aesthetic clean unpleasant sensations move. The patient recovers quickly to allow for these types of transactions. But then the risks remains the violation of hallux valgus development.

To do this, two holes (3-4 mm) on each side, feet first. Using micro tools, Open Joint disease is usually compressed in a bag. A small cut gives space its extension through the installation of the axis of the finger is a physiological condition. The curvature of the finger to be completely eliminated micro candentes some bone rasp. During exercise the manipulation applied to the X-ray control. Special locks are used.

Reconstructive surgery


Such surgical interventions to produce a longitudinal incision 2-4 cm in length located on the edge of the foot to the plane. The General of thumb is a physiological condition. Eliminate the accumulation of bone located in the toe and metatarsal joints, and uplifting bunch.

On the metatarsal affects bone in several ways:

  • Austin, herringbone (steering V or L-shaped) – small thumb, according to the difference (at least 17°);
  • Scarf (steering z-shaped) – finger deviations in moderate and severe forms (17° to 40°);
  • Flock (steering wedge) – often together with minimally invasive methods.

Osteotomy of bone fragments using titanium compression screws and then clips. They often don get. If you encounter problems, titanium retainers outpatients, who after three months of surgery.


This method is most radical a surgical intervention during rear Halus valgus osteoarthritis. Is still created on a joint. Eliminated and pain syndrome, morbo articularis and laboratory manifestation of itself deformation. Walk deficiency does not affect joint mobility, and patient activity.

Arthrodesis applied, if other methods of treatment Halus valgus have not brought the expected result. The joints are tight to bind the pieces of an operational intervention, special screws. First, install the screws, remove the head and the joint surface of the proximal phalanx of the first finger of the foot first. The physiological structure of the foot, the back, the symptoms of osteoarthritis disappear.

Contraindications and complications

Any surgical manipulation is strictly contraindicated:

  • Serious pathologies, the blood vessels in the legs (atherosclerosis obliterans);
  • Effects of diabetic peripheral nervous system (diabetic foot);
  • Purulent infections;
  • Pathology of hematopoietic organs.

The surgical treatment of an arthrosis and arthritis can be applied. But selecting Halus valgus operation, considering possible complications and the recovery period is the emergence of as during a surgical procedure.

After the operation, the complications that arise Halus valgus Reconstructive kind, natural cavernous open processes:

  • Infection, tissue;
  • Blood clots in the deep veins;
  • Aseptic necrosis of foot (they are extremely rare);
  • Restriction of the functional activities of first leg;
  • Violation, nerve bundles;
  • Edema of the allergic nature;
  • Numbness in the legs.

Complications occur infrequently. Usually after surgery the patient I'm feeling good – and young, and mature age.



After surgery, patients assigned to bed rest. For the first day, develop slowly leg – move your fingers in the first place. Looks like a bit on the third day. You need to wear exactly the doctor, Halus valgus after surgery. At first only Orthopedic Devices (orthotics), peeled the exposed parts blended with the load foot. The patient in the hospital under the supervision of a doctor 10 days to 14 days.

Before taking you need to roll up seam foot water treatment polyethylene. The dressing cannot slip and irrigation, the recurrence of the disease that may otherwise occur. Six weeks earlier are not allowed to walk without Orthopedic Devices. Located Halus valgus foot and ankle three months after surgery, persistent edema from the lower parts. A cold compress to relieve them.

Features of quick recovery for foot and is used for healing wounds after surgery:

  • Massage;
  • Electrophoresis;
  • The procedure, shock wave therapy;
  • Exercise, physical therapy, physical education.

Two months after surgery, patients can recommend preventive Halus valgus swimming and exercise bike. The full post-operative rehabilitation Halus valgus of the city, four to six months. However, at a higher level from time to time to fix the footprint head. The installation it's not worth it. You can use corrective splints at night. Halus valgus after surgery recommended for massage belt, foot ball, tennis.

Post-operational rehabilitation, Special designed for fixing a shoe to speed up and leg joints, giving them the repressive effect. You need to wear a shoe like this, at least three months. It's better to forget uncomfortable shoes and high heels close.

Important! If necessary surgery, it is recommended to apply it on their two legs with a Dec three to six months.

Advanced techniques, patients can walk immediately Halus valgus gambling activity then. But all recommendations are a very important safety a qualified service technician perform the move operation and in the postoperative period.