Foot hallux valgus effective exercise

Looks ugly at first on a ledge just a foot bone, but that will not be an obstacle to the selection of shoes make walking more difficult, for you to continue if you don't do anything that will cause a bump in the end causes severe pain and injury.

Thickening of the foot at the base of the thumb view – this is a disease and as such, at that stage develops. To continue with the treatment if in the first stage, then the disease disappears, including the cone feet, and occupy a place among conservative methods such as exercise.

hallux valgus during exercise

Foot hallux valgus effective exercise

We already have that problem we talked a lot about you to stop like valgus deformity of the foot, toe, and ugly when in his joints occurs around a bump – bump of a separate, as a result, the Joint changes, the foot of the lot, about weight, wearing uncomfortable shoes and many other reasons. Treatment of hallux valgus requires much effort, time and events and contains a series of exercise now that we know I'm going to tell how to perform hallux valgus.

Camber looks ugly and painful cones, and stop to stimulate the emergence and development of big toes joints, orthopedics orthopedic tire hallufix valgus has been developed by German specialists with a unique bandage upravlayushiy the wrong position, joint, and over time, the bone of the thumb less than a foot. However, to speed up the process and safe results, and some other necessary measures in order to strengthen the muscles of the foot arch. A number of exercises that it difficult to a gym, stop hallux valgus is very effective.

  1. So, to perform the first exercise, lie on your back. Simple to make and a fairly common exercise – "bicycle". Imitation, bike, trek socks, your foot moves forward a foot, and accordingly, pull, leg first, move back a foot. No need to talk to the top of the foot, the lower leg must be parallel to the ground to move. If you're exercising 8 to 10 times.
  2. Let's do the following exercise a few sitting on the floor in the position. Lean with his hands from behind himself into the ground, legs stretched out. Now straighten your back and split alternately every two feet. Do so, 7 to 9 times.
  3. The position is the same. An active breed, feet, the widest possible side. Your fingers hold this position for a few seconds and back to the previous original. Perform 8-10 times.
  4. The position of the hand with the same emphasis in paul. Finger jam on hand to stop them and, like the previous exercise. Need to do this, 6 times.
  5. Now, sit down and a chair. Gotta move the foot by taking advantage of only with your fingers, move them back and forward in the same way. Exercise up to 8 times.
  6. And the last exercise is sitting in a chair in the position. A pen or pencil between the first finger and the second Pinch leg. Now them in a circular motion, from left to right, then in the opposite direction. If only to draw circles in the air, and boring shapes, or even paint a pen and paper and write the alphabet letters in front of key.
  7. The last exercise complex - this gymnastics standing. Alternating walking socks, lifting his hands up, heels, hands on the sides, stay on the outer edges. The inner edge of The Walking foot with an underwire. The fourth exercise your arms go forward, rising up high to the knee.
  8. And the most effective exercise pitted against a to perform it's not, it's complicated. Pull, flat feet, sitting on the floor, in a chair that will suit you. Bending the ankle until the end of the pull yourselves first, then the feeling of the big toe this joint we're working on now. The second section - like a ballerina herself in the foot, and bend the finger as much as possible with emphasis major.

Cones are also frequently big toes if you are doing this exercise in the summer, bare feet, sand, grass, gravel, cold, and at home, stockings, heels, stay on the outer edges. Still a very good TV sitting in the front, roller feet, feet and various parties (teeth, nipping at his heels, stockings) ball or spike roller. A transverse flat feet cannot roll a rolling pin, you need to remember that.