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Alessandra told this story, Rome (Italy). The woman shared how to live as the daughter of a servant and preventing problems Valgus Pro help to cope with all the difficulties.

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When her daughter was born a perfectly healthy child, but there was already open for 5 years weight. The whole family was happy, good appetite and in general she's all I love her cute chubby cheeks. A passing, because I always have this problem. We already have registered the problem of obesity in endocrinologist with first class standing. Had nutritionist, excess weight побороли joint efforts, but the effect remained. My daughter flourished overload skeletal transverse flat feet.

My daughter has a problem with how deformation of the bones of the foot intervention live

It is a heavy intervention on pain the feet and knees, and we about its a big pain. Hiking her peers after a long walk because it was hard, everyone's back spasms and severe pain, I haven't had her sleep. But then the problem is flat feet increased deformation of the thumb. The swelling increased and by the time the girl already loose. Was to get shoes, this is a tragedy because an ordinary model approached him, so in order to produce sini shoes. The prom began with the approach to the actual shifts. The only dance the waltz along with all his classmates, so still and high-heeled shoes happened to her is contraindicated.

How we did it overcome the problem with the pits on their feet

One day, sitting, Clinic a podiatrist for appointment to the order of, a mother who spoke. He is told of his son joint problems and our shared diagnosis. Then he said, of what a bitter bone, leg, and helped him a lot Valgus Pro. Yes, I decided, why not try value the servant, not such a big money. I started wearing purchased, and a few weeks later, I realized my daughter walking soft, he himself, he said, What, less tired, and the pain is less intense. Corrective exercise can be reduced with a bit of flat feet and wearing back completely within 2 months the thumb in a natural position.

In the end we did it, I got an exception for her for graduation very nice shoes, let small, but still heel. Recommended now Valgus Pro because of the problem to all your friends, bone, leg, wide enough, and it is a very bad thing. Maybe you need more adult time, more than a complete treatment, but what a place to go to the back of the thumb, and the bone disappears completely, that's for sure. How grateful I am that woman, told me that fixative Valgus Probut, unfortunately, not met and more so to him. I decided to write this review but maybe someone will make life easier for you.